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How many networking devices (router, switches, etc) do you have at home?
(actually deployed and running, not stocked)

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everyone knows about serifs, but did you know that every other piece of the letter also has a specific name? check out this rad chart!!

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Ich habe die Möglichkeit, mich beim Elternrat unserer Schule einzubringen,um ihnen Alternativen zu Onlinelern- und -meetsystemen vorzustellen/-schlagen.
Die Basis mit EU-Recht vs. US-Späh bekomme ich hin, jedoch hangel ich mit der Herangehensweine von Vorschlägen, da ich weiß,daß bei zu vielen/komplexen Vorschlägen die Akzeptanz rapide sinkt.
Bei den Anforderungen /vermute/ ich,daß sie eher ein Lernsystem wie BBB bräuchten ggf. noch mehr meta drumrum, wie moodle.

#schule #foss #privacy

Is there something like for S/MIME certificates? :think_bread:

Muss eigentlich noch jemand bei den Wiesn immer auch an den Bundestrojaner denken?

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Aktuell behandele ich mit meiner Klasse das Thema Medien & Internet.
Dabei würde ich den Kindern gerne zeigen wie schnell sich ein Bild im Internet verbreiten kann.

Deshalb wäre es total lieb, wenn ihr das Bild von meiner Klasse fleißig teilt und retweeted.

Danke von der 4a!

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"How to pick beautiful colors"

Common color mistakes and how to avoid them:

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Developers who prevent users from pasting text into a password field deserve a special place in hell.

Seriously what the fuck are they even thinking when they implement bullshit like that. Don't they know that password managers are a thing?

Someone analysed the comments in and identified nine different types:

* Function comments
* Design comments
* Why comments
* Teacher comments
* Checklist comments
* Guide comments
* Trivial comments
* Debt comments
* Backup comments

Quite interesting:

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We're looking for a digital campaigns and fundraising officer!

Do you want to help us to rewrite the textbook on how to do public engagement that doesn’t rely on profiling people and exploiting their data?

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Every website should prominently expose a timestamp that tells the user when it was created.

Looks like needs some privacy analytics... 🤦‍♂️

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"The spread of computers and the internet will put jobs in two categories: people who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do."

-- Marc Andreessen

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When the ask me for my opinion on their manuscript... For an application that allegedly outperforms everything and the text is full of

> both training and evaluation were performed over the training set because of the lack of data for the test set

🤦‍♂️ :FeelsLifeMan:

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