Sehr coole Aufarbeitung der Reden im !

* seit '83 reden sie über
* über's wurde '94 das erste mal gesprochen
* die intensivsten Debatten in den letzten 30 Jahren waren nicht über Renten, oder Arbeitslosigkeit, oder Klimawandel... sondern über ..

Leider nicht gut gegendert, aber reimt sich so schön.. :doge:
Vielleicht kanns einer von euch besser?

Im Internet - weiß jedermann - ist besser dran, wer hacken kann.

Wenn man in 's webportal einen Vertrag hinzufügt, muss man sich erst einmal ausloggen und wieder einloggen, bevor man ihn dort auch sieht 🤦‍♀️

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Of course women were the original "computers". That's how multi-tasking and parallel processing began!

Did you know? The word used to refer to a human, who carried out calculations or computations! Especially women were often computers, because of the lower salary...

> A female computer, with microscope and calculator

from today's perspective

unless you're ... they apparently condemn small commits ;-)

i hate google for messing with my x clipboard in all their web applications :angry_trump:

Paged Out! is a new experimental (one article == one page) free magazine about programming (especially programming tricks!), hacking, security hacking, retro computers, modern computers, electronics, demoscene, and other similar topics.

Just (2019-08-12 3pm) received an email from about an updated policy that took effect a week ago (2019-08-05).

Of course, my privacy is important to them! And thus, I'm allowed to opt-out... But my browser warns a lot against doing so (see screenshot)..

And to get my data deleted I'm supposed to provide more personal data, including 2(!!) proofs of my ID... :angry_trump:

# Empirical View on Food per Person

Feeding a growing global population has been one of the world's greatest challenges. How is the world doing? Can food production keep up with rising demand? See global and country-level data on food availability per person, and how this has changed over time.

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A 3D printed arrow by mathematician and sculptor Kokichi Sugihara uses curves and angles that the brain can't register to make it look like it always points right.

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Ideas of things to do while you're running `npm install`:

- Make some coffee
- Clean your house
- Write a book
- Text your parents
- Balance your portfolio
- Go for a run
- Play Monopoly


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