Self Brain Shrinking... 

It's been said that procrastination is almost always based on some kind of fear. I'm not opposed to that kind of interpretation, but when I try to analyze my own procrastination, I can't pinpoint anything that really causes fear in the scenario. All I come up with is that things that used to be fun for me are now boring. Crushingly boring. I don't know how to get around that. Even things that feel like they're fun I just can't get started on.

Self Brain Shrinking... 

Do you have an example?

Self Brain Shrinking... 

@martin Sure, so many.

I have a new RaspPi 3B+ sitting waiting for me swap out the SD, not going anywhere.

I've been wanting to watch Luke Cage Season 2.

I've got some free Splunk training I've been wanting to do for work.

I bought a whole series of books I've been wanting to read, but I haven't started them (but then I haven't finished the one I'm reading either).

I want to fire up Elementary Juno in a VM to try it, but haven't.

Etc, etc, etc.

It's a long list.

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