is it somehow possible to discard -toots from ' timeline..?

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@kogumanomisha hehe, it's not just you ;-)

but there is often not even a or anything and i probably won't watch them anyway.. (as i would need to -dl...)

@martin I can’t decide if it’s a flaw of Mastodon’s or not (not presenting a small preview image of some kind for links) on the one hand it keeps the timeline’s cleaner, but on the other it’s less user friendly/intuitive, in my opinion. I considered putting a content warning as a description but then I’m afraid people won’t even look past the content warning! :(

@martin How do you feel about youtube toots that use the proxy hooktube? Say:

@shevek foa they'll immediately pass my current filter... ;-)

but altogether i'm not a fan of videos (of [this] kind) on the .. they are missing so many things (such as -f and skimming) and feel like a of time with all the intros and outros and ads... it regularly feels like video is not the correct to tell the corresponding message, it's just because it's or something...?

Well it the depends on what you want to communicate... For some messages, a video is for sure the best channel, but for many other things it would have been better to create an image or deliver it as text, etc...

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