just upgraded my to get androids patch level for

take that as a to upgrade your phones, laptops, pcs, tvs, cars, microwaves... :)

I'd like too, but my Moto G5s is stuck at the june patches. No news from Motorola. And no LineageOS as well.

Never again a Motorola device.

@niebegegnet i know how that feels.. i've had a (to support a ) until recently and i've been extremely unsatisfied... i bought that in december 2016, and got a single in summer 2017 (that was patch level march 2017) - and that's it! the phone is not even 2 years old, but i needed to it as it always felt painful to use it (with sooo many known issues...)

now i'm supper happy that a colleague sold me his used !

i will never again buy a that is not supported by (or whatever it will be called by then...^^)

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@martin My experience with a couple of phones showed that LineAgeOs/CyanogenMod firmware for that devices was far less stable than an older original firmware. :-(
No wonder: far less people work on the firmware testing systematically... So I trashed that phones anyway.

Really? So far I'm pretty with the quality. I've had only 2 or 3 in ~7 years...
But even if there may be some not working perfectly, for me it feels ways better than plenty of vulnerabilities...

So you have any other ? How do you live with that?

@martin I waited for months, hoping that one day an annoying problem (touch screen disfunction that occurred from time to time) will be solved. But after a year, when I gave the device to a grandmother, I realized that she won't be able to fix the problem each week... So I reverted firmware to the latest officially supported, and since that time I didn't hear from her that the device doesn't work.
Of course, problems with two old devices don't prove anything :-)

@yvolk a broken touch screen is indeed an issue you cannot accept.. did you report that issue? or did you check if it is already known?

@martin I decided that the problem was with compatibility between old vendor's driver and custom firmware. I hope that new Android system / kernel modular structure (which was introduced in #Android 9 only) will simplify reuse of old drivers in the newer Android system builds... See source.android.com/devices/arc
As a general tip, I think Nexus devices will get updates (from a vendor and from community) longer than others...

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