installing my new pc at .

is anyone already using in a serious setup? is it enough and to switch?
any ?

@martin Yes using it everyday on both my laptop, my workstation and my personnal server :) No problem until now :)

@daftaupe @martin What’s the advantage over ext4? I really have no idea.


@flowfx @daftaupe for example and (at least that's what i'm looking for)

actually, i'd also like to have , which is, however, apparently not yet properly

@martin @flowfx Actually it's not live dedup yet, but dedup is working when run as cron jobs for example (haven't tried that yet). I'm mostly using snapshots, subvolume and compression for some partitions.

@martin @flowfx Also you can use cp='cp --reflink=auto' so that it makes use of the copy-on-write abilities

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