is impressively fast! it already indexed my toots from evening!! 😲


didn't expect that search engines this single user instance at all..

maybe i can use that to add a proper box, as i've done it here:

@martin Nice article about the duckduckgo search box. I'll take a look at it for my own :)

In your guide, you recommend sending a visitor to a page on your site, which then redirects to the search engine's URL with the query attached. Why is the page on your site necessary for this?

I've done this before by setting the form action to the search engine's form. Is that wrong for some reason?

@bthall you're right! :verified:
must have been the sysadmin's ... i probably didn't think enough if it can also be done easier and just went for the first working solution 🤐

thanks for your comment, i'll update the page!

You're welcome! :) With your approach, you can track what people search for, though.
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