And my today's insignificant afternoon task is done! Just changed the Twitter link in my blog's footer to Mastodon and added the tag for verification on the blog's end! It is a simple mechanism but well, it actually verifies quite well that this is indeed my main account

What's this verification about? How do you verify your website?

@martin It simply verifies that I am the owner of both the account and the website; so if you know that the website is mine it is a way to verify that I am the one tooting. The way to do it is simply add a `rel="me"` tag in the link on your website. If you go "Edit profile" in Mastodon there is a bit more detail on it

@diegovicente ah, ok! I always where the comes from, but not enough to actually about it :doge:

But now I have a link as well! :verified:

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