Hi Everybody!

While general registration for bsd.network is currently closed, we are open to more users registering.

So, here is an invite code that is good for 25 uses. You'll need to agree to our Code of Conduct during the signup process. bsd.network/terms

Please don't repost this to other sites. (Boosts welcome!)



#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd

Sounds a bit , why would you and then for people? :think_bread:

And I'd assume, with that message you'll only be people from other instance.. The message probably won't find to the , who want to join and associate with :freebsd: :netbsd: :openbsd:
They will just see that .network is closed...

@martin because I'm slowly re-opening registrations, and because many people in the fediverse have asked when I'm reopening them.

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