btw it actually looks much better (and ways more impressive) than on my shitty pics ;-)

@martin huh is this a FLOSS phone kind of thing?

s2g im so close to going full RMS and getting some shit like this

@anna it's indeed , the is based on

see product page

but it's not ready yet, shipping is sched for april...
just received a dev kit today...

@martin def gonna keep an eye on this, id love to eventually move to this kind of thing.

i think the only issue would be random android/ios only apps to connect with things there is no web equivalent for, and shit like gamezzz which is why it'd be nice i think if there was an option for an android compatibility layer or vm you could wall off and give hooks to faked/null data to avoid the data harvesting techniques they use

@anna they had a goal, which lets you run apps in ... but i'm not sure if that goal was accomplished..? i'd doubt that, as it was pretty high...

@martin it'd be the thing you'd need to get people who haven't gone full Fuck Computers i think, much like we still need wine for many people to use a gnu/linux based desktop environment to run That One App

@anna @martin I would be ecstatic to have a phone that could run WhatsApp with a jailed copy of it's own contacts without accessing my actual system contacts.

This way I could only let Facebook know about the contracts I'd allow it to know about.


The gaol was not raised but some people runs anbox on UBports phone.


Oh, cool. I am going to follow you just so I can read your posts about that device.

@vaeringjar @anna i'll keep you guys updated, but probably won't have much time to play with it before next year... ;-)

@martin I cannot wait to get my hands on the non-dev kit!!!

I've been cutting ties with as much Android related stuff as possible in preparation.

@martin This is so awesome I can't even express it with words. I hope you'll make a detailed review of the gadget. Is it an AA battery slot in the picture?

@martin Damn it, so jealous I missed the order window on these like an idiot! :)

@martin wow! The first time I've seen someone showing off the dev kit "in the wild" :)
Very curious to see how development progresses!

Does this mean you can put that phone on an ethernet donnection?

Thanks for the pics. Please post updates whenever you can.

@martin whats the vendor/device of the LTE module? QC? Looks wicked fun.


It should be noted, sadly, that @purism said in their blog post that the #ethernet/#RJ45 port is only on the dev kit version and *won't* be in the final consumer release of the phone.

That said, apparently it will be able to get internet via USB c tethering.

@Blort @purism
well everything else wouldn't make much sense, would it? An connector is far too huge for a mobile phone..

it's already getting difficult to find a laptop with rj45 connector, as the vendors discard it to make laptops even slimmer..

@martin @purism

Oh, it absolutely makes sense to remove it in the final phone. My toot wasn't a criticism, just making sure that no one misunderstood by hearing about *your* #Librem5 phone which *does* have an #RJ45 connector, when in general, the Librem5 phones people are going to buy won't have one.

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