btw it actually looks much better (and ways more impressive) than on my shitty pics ;-)

Oh, cool. I am going to follow you just so I can read your posts about that device.

@vaeringjar @anna i'll keep you guys updated, but probably won't have much time to play with it before next year... ;-)

@martin I liked my Nokia N900 very much, because the Maemo System was based on Debian, too, and I felt like home. It would be great to get that feeling back. I will keep an eye on this. I hope you will give us further impressions.

Yo, then I must inquire if you ever looked into the #neo900 project?
Reviving the old N900!

@mase @martin Do youbstill have the 'very valuable' N900-case?
Then simply fit it with the Neo900 guts and feel frei again! #neo900

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