just setup a private server. pretty straight forward... :firefox:

1. build a image from github.com/mozilla-services/sy
2. it somewhere
3. configure identity.sync.tokenserver.uri in :config to point to your new location
4. login at `about:preferences#sync` (you still need a account, unless you also run a private account server)
5. sync and check about:sync-log for |s

should i that in more ? :think_bread:

@martin I thought, Mozilla stopped syncing to custom servers. I used weave in the past. Does this work again? How about Firefox mobile? At the moment I sync to Nextcloud bookmarks with the Floccus addon in Firefox. Works pretty good.


@mase yes, they discontinued (aka 1.0 or 1.1) because it was too and ...

now it's sync 1.5! 👨‍🌾
and it seems to be working well. (though, i didn't test everything, yet...)

with you can only sync , can't you?

@martin Yes, but bookmarks is enough for me. I don't store tabs or passwords. For passwords I use keepass, which I also sync with Nextcloud. Does it also work in Android?

@mase it is supposed to work on , but i can't confirm that...
i'm using and , which however do not support sync.
there is no pure in the @fdroidorg repository (and is not an option). just tried but cannot sign in to sync (probably related to savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?50960)

@martin @fdroidorg I use Fennec from F-droid. Maybe I will give the new sync a try.

@mase @fdroidorg thanks! please keep us updated :)

just let me know if you want to use my sync server for temp testing

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