just setup a private server. pretty straight forward... :firefox:

1. build a image from github.com/mozilla-services/sy
2. it somewhere
3. configure identity.sync.tokenserver.uri in :config to point to your new location
4. login at `about:preferences#sync` (you still need a account, unless you also run a private account server)
5. sync and check about:sync-log for |s

should i that in more ? :think_bread:

@martin Should also add that elementary OS's native browser, Epiphany (based on Gnome Web), syncs with Firefox accounts—so you don't even need Firefox, technically!

(IMHO Epiphany is a totally decent browser if you don't need a ton of extensions—comes with built-in adblock, lighter than Chrome & Firefox.)


@nev , didn't know that! can it out of the box? does it only sync with other instances, or also with instances?
ah you know what... hold my , i'll give it a try! :doomguy:

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@martin it uses your Firefox account, so yeah, it syncs with both FF & Epiphany. E. g. when sharing a link via Firefox mobile I can send it to Firefox desktop, or Epiphany.

@nev but i can't figure out how to point to my private server...!?
the settings seem to be ..?


do you have any with that?

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