@martin @schnittchen @jalcine @krono @dgold If you’re going to use Firefox Sync, ensure that you’re not storing your data with Mozilla, Inc. This great write up tells you how to run your own sync server

Just keep in mind that you still have to have a Firefox account at #mozilla for logins.
They claim they cannot do anything with it, but that's up to you to believe

@martin @schnittchen @jalcine @krono @dgold

@ck @martin @schnittchen @jalcine @krono @dgold Right, didn’t know that. Wow. Even if you self-host? Unsurprising. Unboosting.

@aral @martin specifies in another "...unless you also run a private account server"

@aral @dgold @krono @jalcine @schnittchen @martin @ck But AFAIK you can even self host the account server, but that's a little bit harder

@ck @aral @martin @schnittchen @jalcine @krono @dgold
Their docs say all the crypto is done clientside, and you can read the code to verify it.

@Wolf480pl @ck @aral
and in the end you need to the browser anyway, don't you? i mean, how can you make sure they are not collecting all the data in the background, whether or not you enabled sync..?

that's why i'm not using - they are for sure collecting everything there is to collect...

for i'm at least not sure ;-)

i'd still recommend to individually.

@martin Isn't Mozilla providing a ready Docker image on Docker Hub? I'm using an image by crazymax for a longer time now.

@jlelse there is an image @ called /syncserver, but that is inofficial. not sure who built it and what's in it...
basically, everyone could create an account with the name "mozilla" :)

and i'd never use an image by some unknown (like crazymax) for such information... who knows what's in the image? and what's in there next week?

@martin @jlelse

What's in it now? As it's not an automated build (and the Dockerfile is unknown), you have to vet this using the tools out there.

What's in it next week? You don't have to worry about this when using an image version SHA. Never use latest!

But yes, it mostly sucks. Better roll your own image.

@sendung @martin Sure, paranoia level isn't limited 😅
I used the other image (source code here: https://github.com/crazy-max/docker-firefox-syncserver) mainly because I think the official repo just got a good dockerfile recently. Back when I was setting things up the mozilla dockerfile was still based on Debian I think (huge image size).
I agree that it may be safer to build own images, but it can also have the disadvantage of an unfixed system.

@sendung @jlelse
hehe, ! :angry_trump:
hard to know what you get in the end, as usual. different levels of

i for sure wouldn't trust the image of crazymax, unless he's a good friend. i've seen many popular accs being sold or ..
if would be an official acc at , i'd probably also have sufficient in that image.

but... most trustworthy is the sources and a from mozilla's repo. so i need to (automatically) build the image myself

@martin @schnittchen @jalcine @krono @dgold

Does anyone have experience with xbrowsersync.org . Seems to do something simular both for both Firefox and Chrome.

@martin I really like the "Send tab to device" feature, which I suspect is powered through the sync. Can you try and see if it still works?

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