@martin @schnittchen @jalcine @krono @dgold If you’re going to use Firefox Sync, ensure that you’re not storing your data with Mozilla, Inc. This great write up tells you how to run your own sync server

Just keep in mind that you still have to have a Firefox account at #mozilla for logins.
They claim they cannot do anything with it, but that's up to you to believe

@martin @schnittchen @jalcine @krono @dgold

@ck @aral @martin @schnittchen @jalcine @krono @dgold
Their docs say all the crypto is done clientside, and you can read the code to verify it.


@Wolf480pl @ck @aral
and in the end you need to the browser anyway, don't you? i mean, how can you make sure they are not collecting all the data in the background, whether or not you enabled sync..?

that's why i'm not using - they are for sure collecting everything there is to collect...

for i'm at least not sure ;-)

i'd still recommend to individually.

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