After a few years of parental abstinence we'd like to go to the Congress again. Does anyone of you know what to do to get tickets these days? Do kids also need a ticket? In the worst case we'll need 5 tickets (2 adults 3 kids). Will that become a problem?

@martin There are two phases: First, the voucher phase where you are only able to buy tickets if you have a voucher and second, the open presale. Vouchers are distributed to CCC erfas and related groups, if possible step by, say hello and ask for a voucher (as soon as they are send out). Kids under age 12 get in for free, those between 12 and 18 get a discount. Hope that helps :)

Helps a lot! That sounds like tickets are still available!? 🤨
In past years it always seemed like everything would be sold out already.. But I haven't seen an advertisement for this year, yet..?

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