We are currently looking for a new washing machine to replace my 15yo from the student days. It's unbelievable what's out there... Some of the devices need more time to boot than my laptop! And it's hard to avoid . And virtually none are controllable without annoying .
I doubt that any of them will last for another 15 years :-/
So is a 1k machine worth the money or should we just buy a cheap one as we'll need another one anyways in like 3 years?


if you have one in your area i highly recommend looking at like sears scratch and dent joints, you can find some pretty good stuff and maybe even some analogue stuff they're trying to get rid of because it can't tell the overlords how many pairs of underwear you're wearing a week.

@martin Bought the simplest Miele (WDA 110 WCS) 2,5 years ago and satisfied with it. No frills, will likely last (or at least be repairable) for 15 years.

@martin It depends on your location but I recommend buying an older computer‑free second‑hand premium model from a reputable brand or something cheap if the running time is shorter than three year anyway; motor and bearings in even the worst quality washing machine should handle that.

@martin ich kann kann sicher sagen: Bosch=Siemens=Neff, Whirlpool=Bauknecht, etc. Miele hat zurecht einen guten Ruf. Entweder jetzt sofort kaufen oder wieder bis Jahresende warten, da sind die Modellwechsel.

Interessant! Dann ist meine alte 5kg toplader also von bauknecht. Hat gut durchgehalten, aber mit dem 5 Personenhaushalt hier an ihren Grenzen...

@martin ... Oder eher von whirlpool, die haben Bauknecht gekauft. Wir haben übrigens eine Siemens aus der i700er Reihe, gab Mitarbeiterrabatt. Also mal rumfragen, ob irgendwer bei Bosch oder Siemens ist. Das ist meist nicht billiger, sondern die größere Maschine.

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