Have you heard about the solar.lowtechmagazine.com ? Their website is exclusively powered by energy and may go down in case of bad weather...
idea and impressive project!

However, I'm a bit afraid as people now want to switch to something like that as well... But the resources that you need to build it are probably even worse for the environment...? Solar panel, lead battery.. Plus, very inefficient in that scale..

Better choose a green-electricity provider to power your

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@martin Nirvana fallacy. Green‑electricity providers are available almost nowhere. Lead batteries and solar panels required to power up a SBC are literally available on scrapyards and landfills.

@kmicu at least in germany i thought there is almost everywhere a green-electricity provider available..?

but if it's made of trash it's of course even better!!

@martin I’m not familiar with German energy market (besides general things like the fact that majority of energy comes from coal, gas or nuclear) but I will be surprised if we could sign up for a really green provider and not ‘green‑washing’ one e.g. like simplygreen.de/oekogas with Ökogas.

(I assume it’s possible to honestly go fully green but only in some regions like northern states where coast wind is strong.)

@martin PS my Deutch is rusty so it’s possible I misunderstood something about SimpleGreen’s CO2 accounting and its ecogas. So entschuldigung Sie bitte for that. Green‑washing is a global phenomenon so I’m always skeptical about those claims.

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