Security researchers and antivirus companies often publish code and insights of malicious software, but is that even allowed? Doesn't that violate the copyright of the malware authors? :think_bread:

@martin That’s indeed the case. The point is that copyright without enforcement (which can be only performed by the author) is meaningless. If we break the law in the first place we will not show up in a court of law to enforce our rights.

@martin (PS there’s also a fair use gray zone where we can share proprietary materials. Tho’ a legal battle with a Big Corp like Disney or Microsoft is nothing like fighting against malware mob—the former is much worse 😺).

@kmicu @martin I'd love to see a malware author to go to court, because they love their code sooo much…

Likely the punishment for spreading malware could be far more than they earn for the copyright violation.

@kmicu @martin on the other hand, if some people only write it and then sell/publish/give it to others that only do the harm of spreading, that could be legitimate 🤔

Thinking of that FLOSS malware.

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