Yesterday, I met someone from the local gallery to discuss ideas on bringing the art to the people while the gallery is closed.

While discussing, we walked around the sculptures outside and, as a first immediate action, added/updated them at . We also took pictures and have some more information, so the question is what to do with pictures and text? Can I annotate nodes with pictures? Is it appropriate to add a story for a node in its description? :openstreetmaps: 🗽

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How much information would be too much? Is there a better way to store that information?

Would be really nice if the art gallery could embed an openstreetmap frame (?) that provides that information to its visitors. Preferably including the images, but not much more... Is that somehow possible? Do you have any other ideas on what to do with that information?

thanks @keverets , but we did not take the photos to improve the mapping.
Instead we'd like to provide the pictures to visitors of the map. Maybe something like Google's photo preview for locations in its map service.. Do you know what I mean?

@martin Pictures isn't a part of OSM. You can refer to a wikipedia article (which embedds photos), or make streetphoto sequences using #mapillary. But this isn't dedicated to the internal interior. Both can be embedded. You might want to use to add the business?

OSM focus on objective information which are collected on the ground and could be verified by everybody else. Not internal kowledge or adds.

Can you maybe add them to wikidata and wikimedia commons?

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