Heute Abend eine Führung über den Bio Hof bekommen. Schön hier! :-)

Looks like privacy-analytics.com needs some privacy analytics... 🤦‍♂️

Eye contact 

Eine Freundin hat mein T-shirt geupcycled :-)

In I cannot create a file `.gitignore`!? It always says

> You must type a file name.

Also creating `.gitignore.txt` and then deleting `.txt` doesn't work...

Ufff... -.-

Nanu, was ist denn in MV los? Werden die infizierten jetzt abgeschoben? ;-)

Zum Hamstern bin ich wohl zu spät... Katzenfutter gibt's noch 🙄

Aktuell noch kein akutes Problem, aber vielleicht sollte ich schon mal ne Stange Zigaretten zum tauschen besorgen? 🤔

Even is not perfect! 😜

Just searched for line-art images of benches and only got actual photos..
(for cliparts it's an equally bad result)

So google's seems to have problems with benches :)

Some years ago I've been playing with this onscreen-keyboard-like tool.
Unfortunately, I cannot remember its name.. Can anyone me?

Are there maybe other that don't just look like virtual keyboards?

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