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In der Vollpubertät mit 14-15. ;-)

Dadurch hat man Schüler, die sich produzieren müssen, indem sie sich a****88 nennen wollen. 🙈🙉🙊 Oder in dem man total cool bearbeitete Fotos von Mitschülern herumschicken muss.

for the hint! just disabled it by setting .with_control.action to 0 in :config :verified:
(0 means "Do nothing", 1 means "Scroll contents", 2 means "Go back or forward in the history", 3 means "Zoom in or out the contents")

This should do the trick for me, as I somehow only experience this problem in ..!? :firefox:


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✨⭐️ Geschenke Zeit! „Wenn Glühwürmchen morsen“ gibt es jetzt in der 5. Auflage. Und wie bei jeder neuen Auflage verschenke ich meine 5 Belegexemplare. Ich verlose unter allen Retweets. Viel Glück! ⭐️✨

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RT Studierende der Uni Tübingen haben Teile ihrer Uni besetzt um gegen militärische und durch zweifelhafte Unternehmen (Schufa, Amazon, ZF) geförderte #KI-Forschung zu protestieren.

Sehr unterstützenswert!


Sounds a bit , why would you and then for people? :think_bread:

And I'd assume, with that message you'll only be people from other instance.. The message probably won't find to the , who want to join and associate with :freebsd: :netbsd: :openbsd:
They will just see that .network is closed...

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Da ich dieses Jahr auch den Congress meiden werde, haette ich noch so ein 140EUR Ticket zu verkaufen an irgendjemanden, der es verdient hat, da zu sein. Freiwillige Meldungen vor.

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#35C3 family emergency.
I got confused when ordering tickets for 35C3, and apparently must have forgotten to order one of the tickets that we wanted to get? I was sure I had ordered 4 tickets, but can indeed only find 3 bank transfers for the tickets.😥

As a consequence of my mistake, we are now lacking a ticket and won't be able to go as our complete family unit (4 adults and 2 kids).

Unless some awesome person shows up and sells us their ticket.

If you have a spare, PLEASE contact me ASAP!

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The installer for DOOM (1993), when compressed, is 2.39MB.

Loading Mastodon in your web browser requires ~2.75MB of file transfers.

Sounds like a fantastic idea... Set a cookie for every tracker... 🙄
Didn't know that exists...

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"We found him! We finally found him!

The Installation Wizard!"

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braucht noch wer ein #35C3 ticket? hab ein budget ticket abzugeben

does anyone have a good resource on ? , , , etc...? 📚 🔊 🌐
i'd prefer high density over |s that want to show off with their skills :wat:

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