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Paged Out! is a new experimental (one article == one page) free magazine about programming (especially programming tricks!), hacking, security hacking, retro computers, modern computers, electronics, demoscene, and other similar topics.

Just (2019-08-12 3pm) received an email from about an updated policy that took effect a week ago (2019-08-05).

Of course, my privacy is important to them! And thus, I'm allowed to opt-out... But my browser warns a lot against doing so (see screenshot)..

And to get my data deleted I'm supposed to provide more personal data, including 2(!!) proofs of my ID... :angry_trump:

# Empirical View on Food per Person

Feeding a growing global population has been one of the world's greatest challenges. How is the world doing? Can food production keep up with rising demand? See global and country-level data on food availability per person, and how this has changed over time.

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A 3D printed arrow by mathematician and sculptor Kokichi Sugihara uses curves and angles that the brain can't register to make it look like it always points right.

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Ideas of things to do while you're running `npm install`:

- Make some coffee
- Clean your house
- Write a book
- Text your parents
- Balance your portfolio
- Go for a run
- Play Monopoly


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@drwho I see http as a fundamentally pull protocol, not a push one. If I'm visiting a website in a client that doesn't support images, I'm not blocking images, I'm simply not requesting them, same with all the tracking garbage. It's a misnomer to call it "blocking", I'm just not asking for them. To pretend that that's some kind of hackery and breaking the website, is disingenuous at best, as there's nothing in the way that the web works that requires websites to be packaged in a certain way.

The email address, that I'm using at is apparently again compromised... :think_bread:

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My mind is like my internet browser:

19 tabs open
3 of them are frozen

& I have no idea where the music is coming from

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Wir suchen Verstärkung für FragDenStaat! \o/
Ein*e Projektmanager*in ab August im Bereich Community & Fundraising - und dazu viel Raum für eigene Ideen. Schreibt uns! Und pls RT!

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Hab mal aktualisiert. Gibt jetzt einen branch für #LineageOS 16 und 15

Geräte mit den meisten Maintainern ist aktuell mit 5 Leuten:
oneplus 5 und motorola Moto Z

Danach mit 3 Maintainern:

bq Aquaris X
nextbit Robin
xiaomi Mi 5
samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Wi-Fi (2016)
sony Xperia XA2

Wenn ich entscheiden müßte ein neues Handy anzuschaffen, würde ich mir eines von denen kaufen...

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Neue Dokumente: Das BfR hat sich das #Zensurheberrecht bisher min. 15.000 Euro kosten lassen. Beamte mussten 450 Stunden lang eine Website programmieren, auf der das #Glyphosat-Gutachten kurzzeitig einsehbar ist. Eine Veröffentlichung des Gutachtens wäre kostenlos gewesen.

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Is there any bot on the #Fediverse similar to the Link Archiver on Twitter (

"I make sure the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has a current snapshot of the links my friends tweet. Follow me and I'll follow you!" #ArchiveOrg #waybackmachine

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